Since 2001, Vordell Walker has been making his presence known in professional wrestling. The six-foot, 225-pound wrestler is a firefighter during the day, but by night, he is setting the ring ablaze when going after his opponent. Voodoo Wrestling, AML, NWA Ring Warriors, PWX, and Main Event, are a list of promotions that Walker has wrestled for throughout his career. He has also done some work with TNA, Ring of Honor, and the WWE. For some wrestlers, to be in front of large WWE crowds might cause some anxiety, but not for Walker. He was right at home when he worked against Titus O’Neal and Tyler Breeze in a couple of dark matches at Wrestlemania 25. To this day, those memories have remained with him.

“We all get into the sport with aspirations of making it to that level. Some of us make it and some of us don’t,” Walker explained. “If you don’t make it in the WWE, it’s not always a talent thing. It’s just the nature of the game.”

For years, when Walker lived in Georgia, he traveled to places like Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Texas, California, and Mexico, just to wrestle. It didn’t matter how far it was. There were times that his colleagues would give him a hard time going everywhere and not staying in one place. Despite the criticism, Walker did it anyway.

”I think it’s necessary. To be great, you have to step out of your comfort zone.” Walker said. “You just can’t sit in one area and expect to grow as a wrestler, a performer, or whatever the case may be,”

In 2015, Walker spent some time wrestling for AML in North Carolina. It was there he found that he had great chemistry when working in the ring with King Shane Williams. Williams, who is always accompanied by his Valet Queen Taylor never backed down from Walker’s challenge. The two wrestlers had a heated feud for several months. Fans came out to watch them settle their score every time they stepped into the ring. The differences between the two men got so serious that AML put them against each other in a “Best of 5 Series” to see who would reign supreme. When it was all said and done, Williams came out on top, but that didn’t mean that he got the best of Walker. No one knew that Walker was waiting to catch his foe off guard.

During a match Williams had against then Champion Papadon for the AML Title in Winston-Salem, Walker’s diabolical plan unfolded. After 20 minutes had passed in the match, The King looked as if he was going to capture the championship belt. Then, out of nowhere Walker entered the venue and interfered in the contest. Due to Walker’s interference, the referee stopped the match and Papadon retained his belt. But nothing was able to stop Walker to continue his assault on Williams. Those in attendance were shocked by what they were witnessing. After several minutes went by, the altercation was eventually broken up by AML officials, but not before Walker sought his revenge. Tracy Myers, the Owner of AML, was so upset that he announced over the microphone that Walker was fired from the company. Not since that day has Walker been back to wrestle for the promotion. If the holder of the company sticks to his guns, he never will.

“I think my point was proven,” Walker stated. “When one door closes another one opens, but I left my mark there at AML.”

AML was a wrestling promotion that Walker might have left his mark, but he has also had some matches in his career that were special to him. One of those special moments came when Walker went against wrestling legend, 2 Cold Scorpio in 2012. The two men had a match for USA Pro Wrestling in Orlando, Florida.

”He was a little older, but you couldn’t tell,” Walker continued. “He was smooth as ice and we flowed well. That was a highlight match for me.”

2 Cold Scorpio wrestled for nearly 30 years with companies like WCW, ECW, WWE, and he has also spent time wrestling in Japan. With Scorpio’s style, his time and experience in the sport have made him a wealth of knowledge for anyone who can work with him.

“We worked more of a Japanese style match. There was striking, there was drama, and it picked up when it needed to pick up,” Walker added. “Anytime I have wrestled someone with that type of background, it has always become a beautiful chess game on the mat.”

Walker is dedicated to the sport of wrestling. The time that he has invested into it has paid off for him. Match after match, in addition to his extensive time spent on the road has proved his passion for the business, even when some people doubted him.

“I would tell people that I was going to be a wrestler and they would treat it as if it was a pipedream,” Walker said. “It was just something I always wanted to do since I was a kid when I started watching wrestling.”


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