River City Wrestling has been putting on premier matches with top notch talent in the San Antonio area for the past 15 years. On Friday, July 14th, the legacy returns once again when they bring their “RCW Summer Spectacular,” to the Turner Club.

If you’ve had the opportunity to see a RCW show in person, you know that the promotion is very good about presenting several different styles of wrestling action to almost any kind of fan that there is.

“It is kind of like ice cream, if you specialize yourself in one flavor of ice cream, I guess that’s okay,” said Promoter Brandon Oliver. “But, we tend to go for a more broad appeal.”

When it comes to variety and excitement, RCW got it right when they were planning out this event. They will have promising new stars, Luchadores, a women’s tag match, three titles matches, and in-ring talent from GFW-Impact Wrestling formally known as TNA.

In the main event, fans will get to see power and brute strength challenge agility and high flying maneuvers when Super Tex Hernandez and Michael Faith take on the legendary Luchadoer wrestlers, La Park (formerly La Parka) and his son El Hijo de L.A. Park.

La Park’s signature outfit is a hooded mask with a full skeletal print body suit. The outfit allows him to be recognized at any event. The veteran of the sport, who is known as the Chairman, first started wrestling in the early 80s. In 1996, he gained notoriety while wrestling for World Championship Wrestling and was a regular on Monday Nitro. While wrestling with that promotion, La Park was part of the faction Latin World Order, (LWO) which was headed up by Eddie Guerrero for a period of time.

The imprint that La Park has left on the sport will not soon be forgotten, and now his son El Hijo will compete and continue to carry on his Father’s name as his forges his own reputation in the ring. The Luchadoer style will be prominent, due to the fact that he has had one of the best in the business mentoring him.

“ La Park is probably one of the most legendary luchadoers that are around, and he has had a 30 year career. He has wrestled all over the world,” said Oliver. It’s a big deal when the son of Lucha Libre wrestler takes on his father’s name. It is like a rite of passage.

For those who have been following wrestling for the past 10 years should be very familiar with Super Mex Hernandez. He has been a part of many promotions including TNA, Lucha Underground, and River City Wrestling.

Hernandez has held a number of titles in both singles and tag team competition. Some of his accomplishments include the NWA and TNA Tag Team Championships. He has also been the RCW singles and the tag team champion as well.

“Super Mex Hernandez is an RCW icon. He was with us before he was in TNA and Impact Wrestling. We have seen him develop from when he was Hot Stuff Hernandez,” said Oliver. “He is probably one the more powerful guys that I have come across. He can also dive out of the ring and execute some spectacular moves as well.”

His partner in the main event is Michael Faith, an 18 year veteran from Oklahoma. He is a former RCW Champion as well. Faith weighs in at 400 hundred pounds, and he is very athletic and agile for a man of his size. Faith can do a lionsault off the second rope of the ring. As far big men go, Faith’s in ring style has been compared to Vader’s and Bam Bam Bigelow’s.

“He brings an unbelievable power and presence that can do some unbelievable things inside the ring,” said Oliver. “He has been wrestling a while and though he hasn’t found his spot on television yet, he is an incredible athlete.”

In the co-main event, those in attendance will be treated with a match between two highly decorated veterans of the sport, former two time TNA Champion Ethan Carter III and the Monster Abyss, the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

The two wrestlers have completely different wrestling styles. Carter’s approach is a little more traditional and scientific. He has been wrestling for 15 years and you can tell just by looking at him that he takes good care of his body.

This Abyss on the other hand, is a bit on the scary side. His clothing is dark and he wears a mask that covers most of his face. He is not even close to what most would consider a technical wrestler. The Abyss tries to destroy his opponent every time he steps into the ring and he will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The Abyss has taken part in some of the most dangerous matches known in the sport. Including, a numerous amount of barbed wire fence matches.

“Like they say, styles make matchups and I expect it to be very unorthodox,” said Oliver. “I think EC3 will try to outsmart the Abyss and do everything he can to bring the big guy down. The Abyss is a hardcore brawler. He will take whatever he can find and smash you over the head with it. He is a devastating wrestler.”

In the ladies tag team matchup, fans will get to see styles clash once again. RCW Ladies Champion Baby D teams up with ODB from Impact Wrestling. The two women have been compared to tom-boys and they are rough, tough, and know how to take care of business. Their opponents, Katie Forbes and Paige Turner, are a complete contrast from their in-ring foes. They dress, act, and look like girls, but they fight like wrestlers.

“ODB likes cussing and drinking and she does not mind fighting at all. She and Baby D make a perfect team and they are not going to be your Ms. USA or Ms. Congeniality award winners,” said Oliver. “On the other side, you have your classic Barbie doll type females. You have Katie Forbes, who is gorgeous, and she flaunts it, and then you have Paige Turner who is intellectual, pristine, and demure. She also likes to break the rules when the referee isn’t looking.”

Make no mistake about it. Katie Forbes and Baby D do not get along. The two women are looking forward to squaring off and settling their differences. Back in March, Baby D defeated Katie for her RCW Women’s Title. You can be sure of one thing when these two women face each other in the ring. There will be fireworks.

“With their two different personalities and their two different lifestyles, it has made for a great contest and a great rivalry,” said Oliver. “It has gone beyond professionalism.”

No RCW event will be complete without the promotion’s International Champion Joey Spector. Those who have seen Joey wrestle in the past know that he is a classic heel who likes to runs his mouth and does whatever it takes to get the three count.

“What’s so cool about our International title is that it has been defended in Mexico, Japan, and Germany,” said Oliver. “Even though we are a San Antonio based promotion, this is a belt that travels to other regions of the world.”

The challenger for Spector’s belt will be Just Willie. Willie is an up and coming wrestler from Central Texas who loves to have fun and party, but also knows how to take things serious inside the ring. Fans are in for a treat when these two men square off.

“The beauty about coming to our show is that you not only get to see established stars, but you get to see the stars of the future as well,” said Oliver. “Just Willie is one of those guys to watch for down the road.”

Also on the card, fans will witness Xavier Daniels put his Phoenix Title on the line against Skitzkrieg. The RCW Tag Team Champions Adorable Anthony Andrews and Paul Titan will fight to keep from losing the belts to the team of Rob Love and Brandon Groom. Also taking to the ring in the same evening will be Steve McEnroe against Quinten Allen in the Alumni match up.

“What makes an independent show so much better than a WWE show at the AT&T Center is that you are not kept at arm’s length,” said Oliver. “The wrestlers are available for autographs and the fans are closer to the action. I think Indy wrestling provides that kind of accessibility.”

The event begins at 8 p.m. with doors opening to the general public at 7:30 p.m. and Early Bird VIP starting at 6:45 p.m. Tickets start at just $20.00 To purchase tickets, go to www.rcw-wrestling.com.

Follow RCW at rcwforever on Twitter and Facebook! For directions, call (210) 227-4412.

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