“…Whether it is the McMahons, the Anoai-Maivias, the Vachons, the Harts, the Ortons, the Hennigs, or the Colons, each clan has left their own impression on the squared circle that will continue to carry on their family legacy, even years after they are all departed from the sport.

In Texas alone, you’ve seen famous families like the Funks, the Guerreros, the Rhodes, and the Windhams, however, the Lone Star state alumni would not be complete if you leave out the Von Erich…CONTINUE READING THE ENTIRE STORY AT LANCE BY CHANCE ! ! !


  1. Good to hear Vaughns side of things. No offense to him, but other than the fake heart attack angle, Lance Von Erich was the dumbest angle I recall Fritz doing.

  2. I’m trying to see a match where Kevin von erich was tossed out over the top ropes but he caught it with his toes. His opponent was milking the so called win while Kevin lifted himself back by his toes. Would love to re-see this event but don’t remember who it was against. Please Help me. Thanks!

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