Professional wrestler, Golden Boy Greg Anthony, has stepped in the ring with some very tough opponents over the years. A few of his biggest battles were against guys like Billy Gunn, Zach Gowen, and Jerry Lawler, but nothing could prepare Anthony for the battle he had gone through this past June.

The 36-year-old from Dyersburg, Tennessee found out that he had been wrestling with a severe heart problem for about a year. While in the ring with his opponents, Greg started to experience pains in his chest and became concerned that it could be something serious. After he was urged by his friend Matt Riviera to go see a doctor, Greg took his advice and went.

“I thought the pains that I was having in my chest were because of my weight or maybe it was being caused by having high blood pressure,” Greg Anthony said. “What I found out was that I had a 90% blockage in one artery, and 70% blockage in two others.”

Greg received the news about his heart condition on Friday, June 16th, just one day prior to being scheduled to wrestle Tim Storm for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. It was advised that the Golden Boy should not go forward with the bout and the doctors scheduled him to have surgery on the following Tuesday.

Due to where the blockages were located in Greg’s heart, the medical team was not sure if they needed to do a quadruple by-pass, or if they could use stints to fix the clogged arteries. The decision was determined in the operating room, and fortunately, stints would take care of his problem.

“I could feel immediate relief when I got out of surgery,” Anthony stated.” I could breathe and it felt like I had more oxygen.”

There is no doubt that Greg made the right decision, although the timing of things could have been better. He ultimately had to step down from one of the most important matches of his career. Greg believes that if he didn’t have the surgery, that he would have died.

“I was wrestling 30-minute matches twice a week with a 90% blockage for almost a year,” Anthony replied. “The doctors couldn’t believe I was able to do what I did the way that I was.”

Most importantly, the Golden Boy didn’t suffer any other damage to his heart. Now that the surgery is behind him and the blockages have been taken care of, he has been focusing on his recovery and his goal of getting back into the ring.

Greg was in cardiac rehab for six weeks and he was eventually able to start working out in the gym on his own. All that time, he was thinking about one thing, and that is being able to wrestle Simon Reed for the Unified Heavyweight Title at Pro Wrestling Mid-South’s at “Glory Lasts Forever III” this Saturday, in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

“I consider myself pound for pound, inch per inch, the best in professional wrestling, and I was wrestling a breath away from a heart attack,” Anthony mentioned. “Now, I actually think I am going to be better. I’m going to be a better performer, a better man, and a better everything.”

As for Simon Reed, he and Greg are no strangers to each other. Reed is a member of the Office, which is led by Christopher White. Their faction has vowed to put Greg out of professional wrestling for good. Greg definitely has different plans for Reed and everyone associated with the Office when it comes to how long he plans to stay involved in professional wrestling.

“He will get to see four months of frustration. I have wrestled all of my adult life and there has never been a time I haven’t been wrestling,” Anthony explained. “These past four months have been the toughest time of my life because I have had to sit back and do nothing.”

When Greg Anthony returns to the ring this Saturday night, he won’t have to sit back any longer. Not only will Reed get to see the four months of frustration that Greg has had to deal with, but he will understand why he’s called the Golden Boy. The fans will be reminded once again what they have known all of these years, that Greg Anthony is a force to be reckoned with, and that he has a heart of gold!


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  1. I am thrilled that my Grandson Greg Anthony will return Oct 14th to do what he loves to do,He will close down The Office for good!!

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