For the past three years, professional wrestler Chase Owens has been working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Since 2015, he’s been associated with the Bullet Club. In this sport, the Bullet Club name is held in high regard, and that’s because some of the top names in the business have wrestled in this faction. The Bullet Club is a group of foreign wrestlers that work in Japan who are trying to dominate the scene there.

Men like Kenny Omega, Prince Devitt (Finn Balor), A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows, Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, and Tanga Loa are some of the wrestlers that have helped secure this elite club’s name in the wrestling history books forever.

“To me, those are some of the most talented guys that I’ve ever been around,” explained Chase Owens. “Being a part of it has really helped my career and I’m very grateful that.”

The Bullet Club has been compared to the legendary NWO from the WCW days. The members of this exclusive group tend to wrestle with a chip on their shoulder, and they make their presence known every time one or all of the steps inside the ring. The popularity that is associated with the Bullet Club has far exceeded Japan. It is worldwide.

“I think the Bullet Club is one of the hottest things going in professional wrestling today, and it seems like everybody’s talking about it,” Owens mentioned. “I can hardly go out of the house without seeing a Kenny Omega or a Bullet Club shirt.”

The 27-year-old wrestler from Bristol, Virginia, has been working professionally since he was 16. After being in the business for nine months, Chase had the good fortune of meeting one of the best wrestlers that have ever laced up a pair of boots, Ricky Morton, one half of the Rock N’ Roll Express.

“When I was 17, Ricky saw me at a show, and he asked if I wanted to start traveling with him because he saw the potential in me,” Owens explained. “He was getting me booked on all these shows with him every night. After the shows, he would tell me what needed to be fixed and what I needed to do better.”

Getting advice from Ricky Morton is something special, but that wasn’t the only veteran wrestler that played a role in Chase’s career. While he and Ricky were traveling from show to show, one of the guys they would pick up on a regular basis to take to shows was a former member of the Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton.

“I was able to learn from two of the best in this business. Ricky and Bobby really helped me with the details of wrestling and what made the matches great.” Owens replied.”They taught me about storytelling.”

After wrestling for more than a decade, Owens has had many memorable moments throughout his career inside the ring. On October 12th, 2012, Owens won the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title, which was the first of three title reigns he would ultimately earn. That day in October will stay with Owens for years for the rest of his life.

“It was a special accomplishment for me, even though the NWA isn’t what it was back in the day. It’s an incredible feeling to still be on that list with some of the greatest wrestlers of all times,” said Owens.

During that time in Owens’s career as a champion, the NWA had a working relationship with Japan, and that was one of the first steps that eventually led to him working over there. Wrestling and working in Japan for Owens was always a dream for him, however, on January 4th, 2014, in Kingsport, Tennessee, he had one of his all-time dream matches.

What made that night so special is that Owens was in the ring with his mentor defending the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title. For most of Ricky Morton’s career, he shared in tag team action with his partner Robert Gibson. On this night, however, Ricky was going for the gold all by himself. In the end, Ricky defeated Chase, becoming the exclusive world champion.

“Being a part of Ricky’s win in his first singles world title was not only a great moment for him, but it was a great moment for me as well,” Owens explained. “Holding a major singles title was something he has never done before. I was glad to share that moment with him.”

When Chase isn’t in Japan, he is wrestling on the weekends here in the United States. Wrestling is something he loves and something that Chase takes very seriously. When he isn’t wrestling, you can find him with new wrestlers as well, doing for them what Ricky had done for him.

“I want to be able to keep the business going, so I try to teach the guys who want to learn the things that Ricky taught me,” Owens said. “I feel like it’s my job to continue passing along the knowledge that was passed on to him. I want to carry forward the vision Ricky has for professional wrestling, and also teach new students.”


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