It has been years since iconic legends such as Skandor Akbar, Gary Hart, and Jim Cornette have been orchestrating managerial knowledge outside of the wrestling ring. Today, very few managers exist.

An exception to that, there is Big Ramp out of New Orleans, Louisiana, which has been leading the way for Big Ramp Enterprises to be successful for nearly 10 years. Big Ramp has picked up where the wrestling managers of the past have left off.

“Being a manager is a dying art. A lot of the managers today just don’t take it serious enough to be innovated to try new things,” Big Ramp said. “The manager’s main purpose is to make their client bigger than life. A manager needs to be able to build up and make their client believe in themselves, even when others don’t see the best in your client.”

Big Ramp’s resume speaks for itself. For the past decade, his management company has been dominating the wrestling scene all over the United States. Wrestlers such as, Mad Dog Gil Gracie, the Rocket, Monty Warbucks, Barry Wolfe, Rodney Mack, Tyson Dean, and Mustang Mike, are just some of the talents that have been signed by this determined entrepreneur.

Over the past five years, Big Ramp has managed seven world champions, and currently, he manages 75 wrestlers, with 55 of them holding various championship titles throughout the country.

“I help my wrestler by scanning out his opponents. I scout everybody. We come up with some innovative moves to counter what they do,” Big Ramp said. “I hate losing. We don’t lose, but sometimes, we get a not-win.”

Throughout the years, Big Ramp has worked in a number of wrestling companies including the NWA, Wildkat, Voodoo, Elite, EGO, and Power Slam Pro Wrestling Promotions. The fans that have seen Big Ramp in action are very familiar with his antics. He will do anything to ensure a victory for his clients.

Some of the things that Big Ramp has done to his adversaries include throwing fireballs, throwing people through walls, cutting their hair, spray painting them, and dressing up as Santa Claus.

“I love going into the bag of old tricks. A lot of these kids have never seen this stuff before,” Big Ramp said. “I don’t consider myself a good guy or a bad guy. I am probably the worst guy because, in any situation, I’m the last guy that you want to see.”

There is a good possibility that you may hear Big Ramp before you see him. That’s because he likes to carry around his trusty air horn “Boomquisha.” Instead of using it to alert people of his whereabouts, he uses it against the people he doesn’t like.

“When the fans are not giving my clients the respect that they deserve, I use my air horn to shut them up, “Big Ramp said. “I ran it by Jimmy Hart and he thought it was a really good idea.”

Being one of the best managers the business has ever known, Jimmy Hart would know what a good idea was. So would some of the other managers who have helped shape Big Ramp’s career. Men like Kevin Sullivan and Paul Heyman.

“They have passed along some really simple advice to me that I have taken and run with,” Big Ramp said. “These are people I can call and get some good guidance from.”

With the New Year around the corner, you can expect that Big Ramp is doing everything he can to keep the success that he has created to continue moving in his favor. He is optimistic that his stable of great wrestling talent will continue to grow beyond what the fans could ever imagine.

“We’re going to turn it up in 2018. I have a lot of surprises that I plan to unveil,” Big Ramp said. “I have been reaching out to a lot of free agents. We have some really good talent coming to Big Ramp Enterprise.”

When it comes to the fans and the opponents that his clients wrestle, Big Ramp probably won’t be winning any popularity contests anytime soon. What Big Ramp has discovered, however, is a formula that might just secure a place for his name in wrestling history.

“A successful manager is someone that will go all out for their client, and sometimes you even have to put yourself in harm’s way,” Big Ramp said. “Sometimes you just have to take a bullet for the team, and not everyone is willing to do that. When you’re making an omelet, you have to break a couple of eggs.”


Favorite wrestler: The Missing Link

Career highlight: Managing Rodney Mack & Jax Dane vs. Ray Rowe & Lance Hoyt

Favorite band: The Doors

Favorite sports team: New England Patriots

Hobbies: Music, Karate, and community work.

Dog person or cat person: Dog person

A state that you have never been too: Confusion

A movie you have seen multiple times: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies

Favorite Actor: Forest Whitaker

Favorite color: Red

A book you have read: Controversy Creates Cash by Eric Bishoff

Favorite dessert: Ice cream


The Big Ramp channel Monty Warbucks w/ Big Ramp vs. Joey Abel

Monty Warbucks w/ Big Ramp vs. Joey Abel

Big Ramp with the Tokyo Monster Kahagas

Monty Warbucks w/ Big Ramp vs. Mike Carter


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