For the fans that have been following the Pro Wrestling Mid South promotion based out of Dyersburg, Tennessee, they’ve known for the last five years it has been dominated by one man. That man is the “Golden Boy,” none other than Greg Anthony.

On December 9th of last year, all of that changed when “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated Greg to win the promotion’s Unified Heavyweight Championship at the Herb Welch Wrestleplex. The 24-year-old wrestler who hails from Climax, Michigan, is not only known for his in-ring abilities, but also for the fact that he is always seen with a mirror in hand, and is determined to bring zebra print back into fashion.

“When Greg says that he is pound for pound and inch per inch the best in professional wrestling, he’s not lying,” Dale Wylde said. “We’ve crossed paths several times in my short career, and that was the first time I pinned his shoulders to the mat. With it being for the Unified Heavyweight Title made it very deserving.”

Since being Champion, Dale has already given Greg four rematches for the championship title that he himself has held a record seven times. Dale believes that he has been more than accommodating to the “Golden Boy” as far as giving him the opportunity to win his belt back.

“He has more than overstayed his welcome and he no longer has the opportunity to regain the title as long as I am Champion,” Wylde said. “I think his time on top has run its course, and Pro Wrestling Mid South needs a fresh face to carry the banner, and I’m more than capable to take it to new heights.”

2016 was a great year for Dale. He teamed up with Van Van Horne, and the two men achieved great success in tag-team competition as the “Love Connection.” Not only did they hold the Pro Wrestling Mid South Tag Titles on two different occasions, but they were also voted tag team of the year.

“We meshed together very well. He has a good brain for wrestling with all of the years of experience he has behind him,” Wylde said. “He was able to teach me a thing or two with all his knowledge, but the thing that held me back was that I had to depend on a person that was not “Drop Dead.”

In October of that same year, “The Love Connection” had an opportunity to challenge Rob Conway and Matt Riviera for the NWA World Tag Team titles. Unfortunately, their shot at gold didn’t pan out as they came up short in their effort.

“It’s a story that is told all too often. Van got pinned, and after so many times, that becomes a problem,” Wylde said. “It’s okay to forgive yourself for your own mistakes, but it’s a lot harder to forgive others when they’re costing you.”

With the love between Van Horne and Wylde slowly fading away, their once successful partnership was then on the rocks. 2017 was a year of rebuilding for Dale. It gave him a chance to take a good long look in the mirror, which is something he does as well as his in-ring performance. Despite some of the disappointments he faced with his now former tag team partner, Dale stepped into the ring in July with then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm.

For Dale, wrestling for the NWA World Title is something that many wrestlers never get a shot at, especially since he’s only been in the sport for four years. The match lasted almost 20 minutes, and ended by pinfall when Storm caught Dale in his signature move the “Perfect Storm.”

“Although I was on the losing end of that championship match, I think the outcome would be very different if I were to get the opportunity again,” Wylde said. “At the time of our match, my head was kind of diluted because I was too busy slapping hands and kissing babies. I think not having a focused intensity held me back in that match.”

It’s very obvious that Dale has an intense focus now. He wears his new Pro Wrestling Mid South Unified Heavyweight Championship belt with pride. Dale knows that wrestlers are lining up to take it from him. Men like Josh Mathews, Koko Anderson, and Meklakov “The Russian Wrecking Ball.” Although all those grapplers are worthy contenders, Dale has a message for them.

“Lace your boots up tight and bring a lunch. At 24 years of age, I have full confidence in saying that I am one of the smartest wrestlers around, and one of the best in that squared circle,” Wylde said. “I have held multiple championship titles, I was rookie of the year, the tag team of the year, and I’m well on the way to being 2018’s wrestler of the year.”

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