In just less than four years, Jaxon Stone has been making his presence known on the independent wrestling scene. The 26-year-old wrestler from the Dallas-Fort Worth area has been stepping into the ring all across the United States, Canada, and Europe to perfect his wrestling skills. Jaxon has wrestled for more than 60 different promotions, including Metroplex Wrestling, the Monster Factory, Combat Zone, Impact, Limitless, AML, C4, and Beyond Wrestling, just to name a few. In February, Jaxon will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the fourth time in his career to compete in at least a dozen matches currently booked in the United Kingdom.

“I think when you start traveling as a wrestler, your fan base grows, and that helps with getting more notoriety. When that happens, you can make more money,” Jaxon said. “Also, when you are working in front of different audiences, you can manipulate your character and try out other moves to see what kind of reaction you might get from the crowd.”

One of the most important aspects that come with traveling as a professional wrestler is the opportunity to work with an array of talent. Jaxon has already had the good fortune to wrestle against Buff Bagwell, Al Snow, Walter, Timothy Thatcher, and Keith Lee. There is no doubt that by competing against such names in the business, that Jaxon is giving himself the best possible shot to raise his own standards as an in-ring performer.

In January of 2018, Jaxon challenged one of his favorite wrestlers as a teenager, John Morrison. Morrison worked in the WWE for nearly 10 years where he was successful in singles action, and also in tag team competition as a member of MNM, in addition to working alongside the Miz. After leaving the WWE, Morrison worked with Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. It might have been this contest with Morrison that led Jaxon to start thinking that he was on the right track.

“I was complimented by a lot of people about that match. John was impressed that I had spots and moves that I wanted to incorporate, as well as having a character to portray,” Jaxon recalled. “John said I was easy to work with and my skills inside the ring were crisp. It gave me a lot of confidence.”

Jaxon is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and competitive sports. He played baseball since he was five years old. As a first baseman, he achieved the varsity team and was All-State in high school. Jaxon went on to play Division 1 baseball at South Dakota State University and became All-American there. After college, and several tryouts in the professional ranks, he signed with the Atlanta Braves and played on their 1-A team. It was then, that Jaxon decided that he was going to dedicate his time and energy to professional wrestling.

“I always wanted to wrestle, but at the same time, I loved baseball. I think I was trying to push through to my real dream,” Jaxon explained. “I moved back to Dallas and started training in January of 2015 at MPX with Steven Kirby in Bedford, Texas. In September of that same year, I had my first match and I have been doing it ever since.”

Having had the opportunity to play baseball for as long as Jaxon did, not only helped shape him as a person but showed him what it would take to be successful in whatever he decided to do. He discovered that wrestling is comparable to baseball. He also found out that there are definite levels in each sport that one needs to achieve in a certain order.

In baseball, there is Little League, High School, College, the Minor League, and then the Professional League. In wrestling, there are promotions on the independent scene, promotion groups overseas, televised promotions like Ring of Honor, Impact, and Lucha Underground, and then maybe what some might consider the big leagues, such as NXT and the WWE.

“In the beginning, a person is going to make very little money, and it can be a long process, but eventually, you can get where you want to go,” Jaxon replied. “I think baseball helped me to understand the steps that I would need to take when I got into wrestling.”

The steps that Jaxon is taking, are definitely leading him to his ultimate goal. That was apparent last February when he had his first tryout with the WWE in their performance center located in Orlando, Florida. The three-day experience is designed to showcase all aspects of a wrestler’s skill set, which include in-ring abilities, character development, delivering a promo, physical durability, and athleticism.

Although Jaxon felt good regarding his overall performance during his visit with the WWE trainers, unfortunately, he didn’t make the final cut. In the end, the event was very positive, and it allowed Jaxon to focus on what he needs to work on going forward.

“It was awesome, but at the same time, it was grueling, because they are trying to find the next superstar,” Jaxon said. “I received a lot of good feedback from the coaching staff, and from the NXT talent. I am very hopeful as far as my future is concerned, and if I keep doing what I’m doing, I will eventually get there.”


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