The date 6-26-2016 is tattooed on Blake Christian’s right arm. That particular day also left a permanent scar on his heart. A party on a summer evening in Brownsville, Tennessee began as a fun get-together, but it turned tragic when two partygoers got into a fight.

The altercation escalated when gunfire broke out and a bullet penetrated through a wall and fatally wounded his dear friend and former girlfriend, Elia, who was hiding in the bathroom to escape from the danger.

“When she passed away, I went into a deep dark depression,” Christian said. “I really needed something to get me out of that place.”

Since Blake was a young boy, he always wanted to be a professional wrestler, but he always thought that his dream was unattainable. A phone call to SWAG Wrestling in McKenzie, Tennessee changed his previous way of thinking and his hopeless state of mind.

“Brim Stone said that I could come and train with the guys and they all kind of took me under their wing,” Christian explained. “That is how I ended up meeting my trainer Trent Ware.”

After getting his start with SWAG Wrestling, that opened up opportunities for Blake to wrestle with other smaller promotions in the state of Tennessee. Those experiences taught him what he was capable of doing inside the ring and it also gave him the confidence to make new contacts with more people in the wrestling business.

Near the end of 2017, Blake started wrestling with Bert Prentice’s USA promotion. Bert’s company puts on weekly shows throughout the western part of Tennessee which includes cities like Jackson and Nashville and everywhere in between.

“It wasn’t until I got to the USA promotion that I found out who I really was. I busted out of my shell there and I developed my character,” Christian responded. “I learned how to work for T.V. and I feel that I escalated further in my career there than I did when I was with the smaller promotions.”

Blake’s in-ring wrestling style would easily have him classified as a high flyer, but that is not the only skill or weapon he has in his arsenal. Even though Blake does not have any amateur wrestling in his background, he has focused his energy on developing a technical style.

“I was a male cheerleader in high school and in my first year of college. I was always in gymnastics so I could do all of the flips,” Christian tells. “It’s always better to have different tricks up your sleeve so I’m not just a high flyer. If you take the ropes a way I can still wrestle.”

Now at the age of 21 and since the beginning of the year, Blake has made it a point to travel outside the state of Tennessee and to wrestle with promotions in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

“I was told that I wasn’t going to get any better by wrestling the same people over and over again” Christian replied. “With me meeting new guys and getting advice and knowledge from them is making the whole traveling thing worth it. “

On his travels in January, he went to Dallas for a wrestling match with SOAR Championship Wrestling. It was there that Blake met Bobby Horne who runs the promotion. Bobby wrestled as Mo from Men On a Mission in the WWF back in the ’90s. Bobby took a liking to Blake and since their initial meeting, Bobby has become somewhat of a mentor and a big brother to the young wrestler.

“It means a lot to me. Knowing that he spent some time in the WWF boosts my confidence,” Christian stated. “The knowledge that he has about the game is unbelievable.”

Recently, the young in-ring performer had the opportunity to wrestle in a dark match for Smackdown when WWE came to Birmingham, Alabama. The real thrill came an hour after his match was over when A.J Styles knocked on his dressing room door and talked to him and his opponent.

“He told us how we could improve and he told us that we could make it in wrestling even though it’s a hard road,” Christian said. “It meant a lot coming from him. It let me know that I am on the right path.”

Blake’s ultimate goal would be to wrestle with the WWE, but now, the WWE is not a wrestler’s only option. If companies like Ring of Honor, New Japan, Impact, or AEW call, Blake is answering the phone.


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