After 25 years of wrestling, Anthony “Slam Shady” Colletti is still going strong. His passion for the sport hasn’t changed since the day he made his debut at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas in 1996.

“I like love art of wrestling, but I like the quick response you can get from the fans,” Colletti said. “They will let you know if they’re enjoying your match or if they’re bored with it.”

Today, Anthony keeps himself busy on the independent scene. He’s willing to travel anywhere just so he can tell his stories in the ring.

Fans that have spent time watching Global, WCW, WWE, and AAA wrestling may be familiar with Anthony’s in-ring work. The people who come to the shows might be the reason he keeps on wrestling.

“l love the interaction with the fans,” Colletti explained. “In other sports, athletes don’t have the autograph signings as we do or the availability to meet with the fans as we do.”

Life on the road can have its challenges. For Colletti, drugs, and alcohol became one of his toughest opponents. Thankfully, he overcame that affliction and in 2015, a Pastor convinced Anthony to tell his story at church.

“He thought I was charismatic and had a strong testimony,” Colletti continued. “I bring hope to the hopeless. We all deal with hopelessness and feelings and emptiness.”

That one speaking engagement opened a door for Anthony and he gladly walked through it. For the past four years, he has been telling his story all over the country to schools, churches, youth groups, corporations, and organizations.

“I have a lot of stories to share with the world,” Colletti says. “If you are in wrestling or in business, anyone can end up in the same predicament that I was in.”

While growing up, Anthony was always shy and a bit reserved. Those who knew him then, are surprised he became a pro-wrestler. The path he found himself on, led to a platform filled with humility and great joy.

“I love speaking. It is the only thing that gives me the same feeling when I’m in the wrestling ring,” Colletti said. “When I am speaking, I have a connection with the crowd. Knowing that I can speak words that can alter someone’s life for the better is phenomenal to me.”

With nearly 100 inspirational and motivational talks under his belt, Anthony has found his life’s purpose. Though unfortunately, he doesn’t always hear the impact that he is making. When Anthony does, it makes everything he does worthwhile.

“Several people have told me they have started walking with God or went back to school after listening to me speak,” Coletti said. “People will tell me those stories when I question myself about my ability to reach others. Those stories always come to me at the right time.”

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