If Miranda Gordy’s name sounds familiar, it should. The professional who has been wrestling for the past year and a half is the daughter of the late Terry Gordy of the Fabulous Freebirds.

Terry made his presence known in the ring with his surly disposition and his never-say-die attitude. He, along with Michael Hayes, and Buddy Roberts made a name for themselves when they feuded with the legendary Von Erich brothers in Texas. Now, Miranda is following in her father’s footsteps by taking up the family business.

Though she has a well-known last name, it doesn’t mean that she has been handed a golden ticket. Miranda has had to work just as hard as everyone else who wants to make a name in the wrestling business.

“It’s a blessing and a curse,” Gordy said. “The blessing is that it gets me in the door a little faster and helps me get booked. However, I feel that the promoters are expecting a high-level performance from me even though I haven’t been wrestling long.”

During most of Miranda’s life, her interests have focused more on animals and studying Psychology. Wrestling was always something her father had done until her friend; Randy Wayne talked her into going to some matches. Once she was there, she realized how much fun it was.

Miranda soon started managing Randy and the two worked together at Dallas Championship Wrestling, Texoma Pro, and Heros of Wrestling, which was all located in North Texas. Wrestling wasn’t just something to get out of the house for it also was a way to make a little extra money too.

“I was giving a spot where I got to punch somebody and after that, I wanted to do it all,” Gordy said.

Miranda’s enthusiasm and determination for the sport have already had her wrestling in places like Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, throughout the Midwest, and it even took her to Japan. In August of 2020, she scored a win over Jazz and captured the Women’s SWE Fury Title, a promotion that is growing in popularity based out of Texas.

The young lady who calls Badstreet U.S.A. her home address, just like her father and his counterparts did, is fortunate to have many experienced coaches who invest in her training. People like Ember Moon, Night Davis, Tom Howard, and her boyfriend Kraig Kessman, who wrestles under the name Niles Plonk, are her mentors and teachers.

“I think they have all brought something very different to the table for me, because of the different styles that they have,” Gordy said. “It also helps to know when to utilize all of the different styles and I’m learning that.”

In the world of professional wrestling, you have to have a heel and you have to have a babyface. Everyone seems to know the fan-favorite based on the crowd’s reaction; however, it’s not always the babyface who only walks away from being respected.

It’s been years since Terry Gordy’s passing, but every time Miranda goes to wrestle she is reminded of his sweet memory from the people who knew Terry and can’t stop talking about him.

“Every single show someone brings up my Dad, and I just love hearing all the stories people share with me about him,” Gordy said. “Even though the Von Erich fans hated the Freebirds, people still have memories of my Dad and they were impacted by them.”

As Miranda is growing into her style and getting more comfortable with every match that she has, it’s hard not to see her mature into a wrestler who can captivate the audience.

For those who grew up watching her father wrestle, there are moments you can see Terry when you are watching Miranda work inside the ring.

“I believe my Dad would be proud of how I’m doing things since I started from the bottom and I have been trying to do things the right way,” Gordy said. “I have had a lot of success in my short career and he would be super proud of me, but I think he would encourage me to be a doctor or something else that wouldn’t take such a toll on my body,”


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