Wrestling fans from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, will be familiar with the name Bryce Boudreaux. But just because Bryce steps into the ring, it doesn’t mean that he wrestles. For the past three years, Bryce has been the ring announcer for promotions like Lion’s Pride Sports, Pro Wrestling 225, Full Throttle, Gulf States Wrestling, and Mid South Championship Wrestling.

Most recently, the 23-year-old Lake Charles resident has landed another job in wrestling, and that position is on television. Bryce is now the face for Championship Wrestling Gulf Coast. The weekly wrestling show broadcasts the matches for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Bryce’s contribution as the host for the show is recorded in front of a green screen at the CBS station in his hometown.

“I think everybody has an idea of working for a major company,” Boudreaux said. “If I can make a yearly salary that is substantial with health insurance, I will announce any kind of a sport.”

Bryce has always had a passion for wrestling and he grew up watching it starting at a very young age. The action he had seen on television fueled his interest in the sport, but little did he know it was ultimately shaping him for his future.

Throughout his middle school and high school years, Bryce had spent a lot of his free time wrestling in the amateur programs there. His strength and body stature gave him the confidence he needed to be successful and at one time he thought of perusing wrestling professionally.

“Over the years people had told me that I would be good at it because I have big arms and a big chest,” Boudreaux mentioned. “I think everybody dreams of being a wrestler and holding the title over their head.”

Shortly after Bryce graduated from high school he and a friend started a podcast called Pro Wrestling Round About. The two men traveled to the shows in their area interviewing wrestlers and other people who worked in the sport.

After conducting an interview with ring announcer Rod Sterling he and Bryce struck up a friendship. Before long Bryce began traveling with him when he announced shows for Lion’s Pride Sports and Main Event Wrestling. It was by spending time with Rod where Bryce learned the art of ring announcing.

“There was a night that somebody needed a ring announcer and I got the call,” Boudreaux recounts. “The main thing is it’s not about me, it’s all about the two people who are about to compete.”

Because of his love for wrestling and having the opportunity to travel and see other announcers, Bryce was able to determine what made a good ring announcer and what didn’t. He made mental notes of what he saw and learned from his examples. Bryce has taken a lot from television personality Jeremy Borash from TNA. It was the way that Borash introduced the main event of the show that Bryce admired. Bryce continues to keep an open mind to being taught and remains confident that he will be successful in his profession.

“I love seeing their faces when I say their names because I get to see the wrestlers have their moment of being a superstar,” Boudreaux explains. “I can go in that ring and say whatever I want and I can decide if the crowd is going to cheer or boo.

Bryce showed his passion for wrestling once again when he started his podcast called The Experience with Bryce Boudreaux in July of 2018. With his gift of articulating his words and communicating his message, Bryce has built a following of listeners that has spanned all around the world.

Bryce has learned how to podcast just as he did with his ring announcing, he has always loved listening to talk radio. Watching to see how others conducted their interviews has taught Bryce how he would like to do his. Bryce has had the pleasure to interview the likes of Tim Storm, James Beard, C.W. Anderson, Shane Taylor, and Sonny Onoo to name just a few.

“I love having the conversations and learning about all these people that I thought I knew,” Boudreaux continued. “I think it’s cool when the boys in the business tell me they listen to my podcast when they drive to the event.”

Unlike most children, while growing up Bryce didn’t get into all the fictional characters like Harry Potter and Pokemon.

All that stuff just didn’t appeal to him. But the moment Bryce saw his first Monday Night Raw, he was hooked.

The thrill of wrestling that grabbed his attention then is the same devotion he has for the profession now. What seemed to be a hobby and something to pass the time has turned into his life’s work.

“Being a part of wrestling has always been a dream of mine,” Boudreaux shared. I’ve met some of my closest friends in this business. I get to travel the road and I have some pretty amazing weekends.”


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