Wrestling fans in the Gulf Coast Region of the United States are becoming familiar with 35-year-old professional wrestler Jordan Jaa. The Stargazer Lily is becoming associated with Jaa just as the yellow rose is connected to the Von Erich family. From the dressing room and through the crowd the flower is attached to one of his boots, and before he steps into the ring he hands the pink-colored lily to someone in the audience.

The significance of the flower is more than a kind gesture; it’s a beautiful reminder of someone very special to him, his mother. Jordan’s mother passed away in 2017 and though he misses her to this day, her memory is ever so present every time he steps in the ring.

“I started doing that as a tribute to my mother when I had my return match in 2019. She wasn’t fond of me getting into the business, but she always supported me and never tried to pull me away from it,” Jordan Jaa said. “I have a logo of the flower on my tights and a tattoo of it on my arm. One of my finishing moves is called the Stargazer.”

Jaa first started wrestling at the age of 15 and he stuck with the sport for nearly eight years. It was in 2010 when he decided to walk away. An injury and the disappointments of life distracted Jordan and wrestling was no longer fulfilling for him.

Though he had some of the right people around him who were trying to guide him, Jordan wasn’t always open-minded to listen. On top of that, he didn’t want to spend the money to ensure he had proper in-ring gear. Jordan admits that he was his biggest enemy

“I wasn’t happy with who I was or how I was performing. I felt like I was doing the wrestling business more damage than I was helping it out,” Jaa admits. “I didn’t take the best care of my body. I had some dark moments around 2009 and a lot of times I didn’t even wrestle sober.”

The young man from New Iberia, Louisiana had a ton of growing up to do. Jordan felt that he needed to work on himself before he could work on being a professional wrestler. So, that was what he did. With the combination of time, fortitude, and a loving family Jordan matured and embraced adulthood.

However, when he left wrestling behind, a void in his life became present that he needed to fill. That need was physical exercise and discipline and that discovery led him back to the gym for a six-day-a-week workout routine.

“In 2013, I started working out and I quit smoking. I should have been doing that stuff before,” Jaa commented. “Now I am in my ’30s and I am in better shape than I was when I was in my 20’s.”

It wasn’t until 2018 when the thoughts of wrestling started to resurface back into Jordan’s mind. It all started one day while he was at a festival in Morgan City, Louisiana. Not only did he come upon a wrestling ring, but he ran into some people that he knew. After a brief conversation, Jordan stepped into the ring with them.

“I took a few bumps and it felt pretty good,” Jaa recalled. “I talked to my wife about it and she and my entire family were supportive. My personal goal was only to be better than I was before.”

Jordan’s return to the ring was something special. Not only did the match take place in his hometown of New Iberia, Louisiana, but he tagged with a long-time friend and cousin by marriage, Xtian Blake. The two men took on the team of Cali Heat and the excitement generated by the event could be felt throughout the entire building.

Jordan was overwhelmed by emotion. Not only was he wrestling again, but the fans present that night welcomed him with open arms.

“Tears were flowing after that match, I get goose bumps just thinking about it,” Jaa recalls. “I fell in love with wrestling all over again.”

In December of 2019, a match in Bayou Vista, Louisiana with Lucha Lacora stands out for Jordan. When he looks back on that particular contest, he knows that he was tested by the 20-year wrestling veteran from Florida.

Lacora’s in-ring experience and style make it challenging for seasoned wrestlers to keep up with him. His technical moves mixed with his ability to use the ropes as weapons make him dangerous.

“It was one of the best matches that I have had since my return,” Jaa exclaimed. “That match proved to me that I could do this again.”

Until the Louisiana Athletic Commission lifts the restrictions on the state’s sporting events, Jaa is taking matches in Mississippi and Texas. Jaa isn’t afraid to take some risks when jumping off the ropes, but he considers himself a wrestler with a submissive style.

Returning to the ring was a decision Jordan is glad that he made. This time he is doing everything he can to show his respect for the business and to leave lasting memories for the fans.

“Connecting with my fans is one of the greatest highs in the world,” Jaa admitted. “I want to make sure that I am doing all the right things so I can leave wrestling in a better place than when I found it.”


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