Thunder Rosa is a wrestler who gets noticed. She recently earned herself a spot on one of wrestling’s biggest stages, AEW. With her face half-painted with Day of the Dead makeup, Thunder Rosa sets herself apart from the crowd. Her moves of attack are just as flashy as her in-ring attire. Her devilish grin is infectious and at the same time, strangely inviting. From the graveyards of Tijuana, the woman known to her fans as La Mera Mera holds on tightly to her Mexican roots. Thunder Rosa is strong, tough, and she does not back down from a challenge. Her fortitude has been proven time and time again, but most significantly at AEW in a string of matches against Dr. Britt Baker.

The ongoing feud with Dr. Britt has been heated. Tension and disdain fill the air as the two women engage in battles fueled by hate. The intense discord covers any scene when they are together like a blanket. The time to turn back has passed, these lady warriors crossed the point of no return and the only direction for them to take is forward. Their conflict has reached its breaking point.

Ladders, tables, chairs, and thumbtacks have lost all original meaning as they became weapons to maim and destroy. Watching in disbelief the crowd had Images of shock and horror on their faces. As her unsanctioned match with Britt came to an end, a victorious yet exhausted Thunder Rosa became overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Attempting to lift their broken bodies from the remains of the war they left behind, a consequential suspicion loomed over both competitors. The look of anguish was worn by each combatant in such a way that the obvious winner was not easy to recognize. A steady rhythm of applause could be heard inside of Daily’s Plaza – Rosa’s thoughts raced through her mind just as fast as the adrenaline in her body did. It was evident at that moment she was now a part of wrestling history.

“I knew that match was going to be very important for my career. We needed to tell a good story, and we needed to make a statement,” Thunder Rosa said. “We were in the main event, and that was the first time for women in AEW, especially in a match like that. I am proud of what I accomplished with the now AEW champion, Dr. Britt Baker.”

It has been seven years since Thunder Rosa has made her pro wrestling debut. During that time in the business, she has achieved many outstanding accomplishments. Occurring on January 24, 2020, she won the National Wrestling Alliance Championship belt from Allyson Kaye in Atlanta, Georgia.

The prestige that the NWA title carries is one of pro wrestling royalty. Mildred Burke, Moolah, Debbie Combs, Tasha Simone, and Jazz are a handful of ladies who share the same history. Thunder Rosa has etched her name in the record books with some of the greatest women of the mat.

Despite dealing with the unpredictable terms of a deadly pandemic, Rosa stayed active as champion. Defending her belt to the likes of Melina, Lindsey Snow, Ivelisse, and Priscilla Kelly she was successful. After being champion for 274 days, Rosa lost her title to Serena Deebs, and her reign as champion was over.

“I was not expecting that title run either,” Thunder Rosa continued. “I am thankful for the person who saw something that nobody else saw and for believing in the trajectory my career would go after becoming champion.”

Thunder Rosa’s work inside the ring is undeniable. However, the contribution that she is making toward the wrestling business as a whole could be groundbreaking. In June of 2020, accusations of sexual abuse throughout the wrestling world were made public. The outcry became known by the media as the “speak out movement”.

In the middle of the chaos, a positive thought of safety, unity, and empowerment was developed. Rosa had an idea for a woman wrestling promotion. In the past, promoters had put on all-women wrestling shows, but nothing quite like what Thunder Rosa and the ladies are doing at Mission Pro Wrestling.

“I wanted to foster something different and have a company that is solely made of women,” Thunder Rosa explained. “Other people have done all-women shows and ultimately the decisions are made by men. At Mission Pro the wrestlers are women. The referees are women. The photographers are women and the decisions are made by women. It is an all-woman show.”

Women’s wrestling is evolving. If you go back to the days of the Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Ann Casey, and Joyce Grable there is no comparison of the sport for the women today. Decades ago, it seemed as if there were just a small percentage of women active in professional wrestling.

It appeared that a handful of selected women traveled around the country to bring their style of wrestling to the different territories. Today it is more common to see at least one female match on each card. The landscape for women’s wrestling is changing. Slowly but surely, the doors of opportunity have opened up for the ladies in the sport.

“It is changing because we are asking for more opportunities and for more places to work,” Thunder Rosa commented. “Once someone starts a trend and other people see it is working, everyone wants to start doing it.”

The one thing noticeable at a Mission Pro event is the diversity among the roster. There are women of different ages, different body shapes, and women from different ethnic backgrounds.

Working with Thunder Rosa are new talents to the sport while others have been wresting for several years. The women come from different parts of the United States, and they all bring their unique personalities and wrestling styles with them.

Fans that have come out to watch the women at Mission Pro have seen such talent as Holidead, Jennacide, Marti Belle, La Rosa Negra, Masha Slamovich, the Renegades Twins, and many others.

“We correct each other. Especially when we see someone not acting very well in the locker room,” Thunder Rosa added. “No one is afraid to speak up if someone is misbehaving. We grow as talent and as women when we hold each other accountable like sisters.”

Iron sharpens iron and the bar for excellence is set high by Thunder Rosa and her team. Do not let the phrase all women fool you. Performing on a Mission Pro Wrestling event; the women are just as talented and entertaining as the male wrestlers are in the business today. As the promotion continues to grow, Thunder Rosa knows that what she and everyone else are doing at Mission Pro Wrestling is going to be huge.

“We don’t have to bring in big names. We have to invest in the girls who are new and have talent,” Thunder Rosa stated. “If we give these girls a platform they will become big names in professional wrestling. That all will happen if we train them right, treat them right, and if they feel respected and supported.”


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