JAKOB EDWINN For someone who only has been wrestling professionally for six years, Jakob Edwinn is already getting the reputation of having a mind of a ring general. His athleticism is second to none. The new school elements Jakob brings to the ring are backed by an old school wrestling psychology that he possesses. If you are ever in the eastern region of the United States, you have to make it a point to catch a wrestling show at Renegade Wrestling Alliance in West Newton, Pennsylvania and at Eastern Panhandle Pro Wrestling in Kearneysville, West Virginia. It is in those two promotions …continue reading
KONGO KONG Billed at seven feet tall, a 400-pound behemoth, his face donning what looks like war paint, Kongo Kong is an ominous sight. At first glance, the wrestler that many say is from the jungle is quite mysterious. However, after the makeup is removed and the loincloth is taken off, and he is no longer in the ring, it is none other than Steve Wilson, who has been wrestling professionally for the past 20 years. For the last two years, the current Impact superstar has been stepping into the ring with the company’s notable talent like Johnny Impact, Braxton Sutter, Mahabali …continue reading
BOBBY EATON If you are going to argue for the best wrestling tag team of all time, you can throw names around like the Rock and Roll Express, the Road Warriors, Dick the Bruiser and Crusher, the Briscos, the Funks, and the Dudley Boys, but the Midnight Express has to be considered at some point in that discussion. Whether it is the team of Bobby Eaton with Dennis Condrey, or Bobby alongside Stan Lane, both versions of the heel duo were excellent when it came to their cohesiveness and in-ring ability. No matter what the combination of the Midnight Express that you …continue reading
BLAKE CHRISTIAN The date 6-26-2016 is tattooed on Blake Christian’s right arm. That particular day also left a permanent scar on his heart. A party on a summer evening in Brownsville, Tennessee began as a fun get together, but it turned tragic when two partygoers got into a fight. The altercation escalated when gunfire broke out and a bullet penetrated through a wall and fatally wounded his dear friend and former girlfriend, Elia, who was hiding in the bathroom to escape from the danger. “When she passed away, I went into a deep dark depression,” Christian said. “I really needed something to …continue reading
DUKE THE DUMSPTER DROESE It has been almost two decades since Duke the Dumpster Droese has taken out the trash for the WWE. The last time that the garbage man stepped into the ring for Vince McMahon was at Wrestlemania X-7 in 2001 as a participant in the Gimmick Battle Royal. Today, at 50 years old, Mike Droese, a Peer Case Manager, helps people with substance abuse and mental health problems as far as getting their lives back on track. Until recently, it has been years since he has had anything to do with professional wrestling. In August of last year, Mike was invited …continue reading

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