REMEMBERING TUGBOAT TAYLOR When talking about tough wrestlers, there are many in the business that would be included in that conversation. You can start with some of the easier choices like Terry Funk, Black Jack Mulligan, or Dusty Rhodes, but eventually, the conversation is ultimately going to turn to another wrestler that established his pro wrestling legacy in Texas. That particular wrestler was Tugboat Taylor. “If you sat down at dinner with him, he was a big Teddy Bear, but if you wronged him, or one of his family members or friends, you knew not to do it again,” said Tugboat’s Son Chaz …continue reading
BIG RAMP IS TAKING OVER It has been years since iconic legends such as Skandor Akbar, Gary Hart, and Jim Cornette have been orchestrating managerial knowledge outside of the wrestling ring. Today, very few managers exist. An exception to that, there is Big Ramp out of New Orleans, Louisiana, who has been leading the way for Big Ramp Enterprises to be successful for nearly 10 years. Big Ramp has picked up where the wrestling managers of the past have left off. “Being a manager is a dying art. A lot of the managers today just don’t take it serious enough to be innovated to try …continue reading
TIM STORM: NWA’S TOP MAN On Sunday, November 12th, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm successfully defended his belt against a worthy competitor, Nick Aldis, a 14 year veteran of the business. The match took place near Los Angles, California, and was hosted by Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. The match garnered significant media hype, and the buzz that surrounded the event was probably just what new owner Billy Corgan was hoping for, after he officially took over the historic wrestling promotion back in October. Wrestleville talked to Tim about the match and his thoughts about his future with the NWA moving ahead. Q: How does …continue reading
CHASE OWENS AIMING HIGH For the past three years, professional wrestler Chase Owens has been working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Since 2015, he’s been associated with the Bullet Club. In this sport, the Bullet Club name is held in high regard, and that’s because some of the top names in the business have wrestled in this faction. The Bullet Club is a group of foreign wrestlers that work in Japan who are trying to dominate the scene there. Men like Kenny Omega, Prince Devitt (Finn Balor), A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows, Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, and Tanga Loa are some of the wrestlers that …continue reading
THE HEADLINER CHRIS MICHAELS Professional wrestling has carved out a spot for Chris Michaels. Some might call it luck, some might say it’s chance, some might say it’s because of hard work, but he might just call it his destiny. The 44-year-old wrestler from Franklin, Kentucky, has been in and around the sport almost his entire life. The path that he’s traveling on today was laid out for him a long time ago, back to when he was just a young boy. “When I was growing up, wrestling was a past time for me and my mother. We used to watch the old Memphis …continue reading

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