KAMALA With spear in hand, while wearing his tribal mask, from the deepest darkest jungles of Africa, Kamala the Ugandan Giant, was on the warpath. Wrestling fans that remember watching Kamala back in his prime were mystified by his realism. James Harris portrayed his character in such a way that some people really believed he was a savage cannibal! “I played my part well, and I never broke kayfabe,” Harris said. “I never let the people know that I could speak English, and because of that, I was a mystery.” The mystery of Kamala is revealed in his 2015 auto-biography “Kamala …continue reading
  FREIGHT TRAIN Choo-Choo! The last words an opposing wrestler will hear before Freight Train crashes into his body resting in the corner of the ring. The wrestler who stands six and a half feet tall and well over 300 pounds has made a name for himself on the independent wrestling scene. For the past 20 years, Charles Stevenson has worked on the independent wrestling circuit throughout North Carolina and the surrounding states on the east coast. Wrestling was a dream that was planted in Charles when he was just a small child. “I started watching wrestling with my Daddy when I was …continue reading
SLAM SHADY After 25 years of wrestling, Anthony “Slam Shady” Colletti is still going strong. His passion for the sport hasn’t changed since the day he made his debut at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas in 1996. “I like love art of wrestling, but I like the quick response you can get from the fans,” Colletti said. “They will let you know if they’re enjoying your match or if they’re bored with it.” Today, Anthony keeps himself busy on the independent scene. He’s willing to travel anywhere just so he can tell his stories in the ring. Fans that have spent time …continue reading
TRENT WARE After wrestling for the past 15 years, committed and determined might be two words used to describe Trent Ware. The 32-year-old wrestler from Paducah, Kentucky, might be less than six feet tall and weighs only 170 pounds, but he has a big heart for the sport. Trent loves performing inside the ring and being part of the action. He also has a passion for coaching, training, officiating, and designing ring gear. “I wanted to branch out and open up doors of opportunity for myself,” Trent explains. “I know I won’t be able to wrestle forever, and I wanted to be …continue reading
Q & A WITH MARC LOWRANCE – WCCW       Fans that followed the World Class Championship Wrestling promotion based out of Dallas, Texas throughout the 1980s, will remember Marc Lowrance. His no-nonsense approach to wrestling and his professionalism when interviewing wrestlers and announcing the matches made him stand out. His 10-year career while working for Fritz Von Erich allowed him to witness and experience historic moments that took place in the sport. We had a chance to talk to Marc about the Von Erichs, the promotion’s successes,  the territories tragedies, and its decline. Q: How did you start working for World Class Championship Wrestling? A: The …continue reading

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