FROM SHEEPHERDERS TO BUSHWHACKERS Whether he wrestled in singles action under the names Gorgeous Teddy Williams and Sweet William, or in tag team competition with his partner Butch Miller as the Kiwis, the Sheepherders, or the Bushwhackers, Luke Williams has learned how to leave an impression on wrestling fans while inside the ring. He solidified his notoriety and became a household name while wrestling as Bushwhacker Luke in the WWF between 1988 and 1997. His reputation in the ring, however, occurred long before he and Butch decided to work for Vince McMahon. “The Bushwhacker’s” run started almost 30 years ago, so there are fans …continue reading
ONE OF THE TOUGHEST, ONE OF THE BEST   Harley Race was just 13 years old when he went with his father and brother to his very first wrestling match near his hometown of Quitman, Missouri. At that moment, Harley fell in love with wrestling, and he made a decision that would change his life. ”I told them both that that’s was what I was going to do,” said Harley Race. “A little over a year later, that was what I was doing.” At the age of 15, Race came up with a plan that would allow him to train in wrestling on a full-time basis. Maybe to …continue reading
REMEMBERING TUGBOAT TAYLOR When talking about tough wrestlers, there are many in the business that would be included in that conversation. You can start with some of the easier choices like Terry Funk, Black Jack Mulligan, or Dusty Rhodes, but eventually, the conversation is ultimately going to turn to another wrestler that established his pro wrestling legacy in Texas. That particular wrestler was Tugboat Taylor. “If you sat down at dinner with him, he was a big Teddy Bear, but if you wronged him, or one of his family members or friends, you knew not to do it again,” said Tugboat’s Son Chaz …continue reading
BIG RAMP IS TAKING OVER It has been years since iconic legends such as Skandor Akbar, Gary Hart, and Jim Cornette have been orchestrating managerial knowledge outside of the wrestling ring. Today, very few managers exist. An exception to that, there is Big Ramp out of New Orleans, Louisiana, who has been leading the way for Big Ramp Enterprises to be successful for nearly 10 years. Big Ramp has picked up where the wrestling managers of the past have left off. “Being a manager is a dying art. A lot of the managers today just don’t take it serious enough to be innovated to try …continue reading
TIM STORM: NWA’S TOP MAN On Sunday, November 12th, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm successfully defended his belt against a worthy competitor, Nick Aldis, a 14 year veteran of the business. The match took place near Los Angles, California, and was hosted by Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. The match garnered significant media hype, and the buzz that surrounded the event was probably just what new owner Billy Corgan was hoping for, after he officially took over the historic wrestling promotion back in October. Wrestleville talked to Tim about the match and his thoughts about his future with the NWA moving ahead. Q: How does …continue reading

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