MEET THE NEW NWA WORLD JR. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION - Professional wrestler Mr. USA has been in the sport for the past eight years. On May 19th, he won the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title when he defeated Arrick Andrews by pin fall in their match in Franklin, Kentucky. Wrestleville had a chance to talk to Mr. USA about his big win, his opponent, and what he expects in the future. Q: What does it mean for you to be the new NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion? A: It means the world to me as far as the wrestling business is concerned. Everybody who ever laces up a pair of boots …continue reading
ANDREWS CARRYING ON THE NWA TRADITION - Angelo Savoldi, Danny Hodge, Nelson Royal, and Chase Owens will forever be listed in the wrestling books as the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title holder. Arrick Andrews of Gallatin, Tennessee, is also in that same group. “It is an honor and a privilege to be wrestling in the longest running promotion. Even though, it isn’t as strong as it once was, the history and the tradition is something you can’t buy or replace,” said Arrick Andrews. “To me, there is nothing comparable to being the World Jr. Heavyweight Champion for the NWA. The NWA is respected by every professional wrestler.” The …continue reading
WRESTLING IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES - 54 year old Van VanHorn is from Memphis, Tennessee. He started wrestling when he was 22. In the span of three decades he has wrestled professionally for only five years. Some might have certain perceptions about his short career, but for VanHorn it has been pretty amazing. “I tell everybody that I am the Forest Gump of professional wrestling. I’m nobody, but I’ve been in the right place to be able to do some really cool and fun stuff,” said Van VanHorn. “I had wrestled for all three major promotions at the time, and I wrestled some amazing guys. I …continue reading
HE KNEW WHAT HE WANTED TO BE - Not too many wrestlers at the age of 23 can say they have been wrestling for eight years, unless that wrestler had started when they were 15 years old. For Barrett Brown from Seven Points, Texas, he did. His Mother had always known of his passion for the sport, so she got in touch with one her friends from high school that did some professional wrestling around the North Texas area. His name was Cody Cunningham and he agreed to train the determined teenager. “Wrestling was always a part of my family and I just grew up with it,” said …continue reading
PWHF 2017 TAG TEAM INDUCTEES - When it comes to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum in Wichita Falls, Texas, their main goal is to preserve wrestling history. This year, the tag team being honored at their 2017 induction ceremony on May 18th through May 20th, will be Larry “The Ax” Hennig and Harley Race, and the Hall could not have gotten it more right. “We made a great team because we didn’t do any of the same things,” said Larry Hennig. “He was a specialist in some areas and I was a specialist in other areas.” Hennig was a little bigger and he …continue reading

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