Q&A WITH BRUCE THARPE      In 2012, Bruce Tharpe, a South Texas Attorney, acquired the National Wrestling Alliance. Fans who have been following the NWA throughout the years will know it for its notable champions like Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Adam Pearce. Tharpe’s passion for wrestling and his understanding of the historic tradition that the NWA once had motivated him to preserve and elevate the company’s marketing brand. In 2017, Tharpe sold the 70 year old promotion to Smashing Pumpkin’s front man, Billy Corgan. Wrestleville spoke to Tharpe about the NWA’s history, what he accomplished while being President …continue reading
“DROP DEAD” DALE WYLDE For the fans that have been following the Pro Wrestling Mid South promotion based out of Dyersburg, Tennessee, they’ve known for the last five years it has been dominated by one man. That man is the “Golden Boy,” none other than Greg Anthony. On December 9th of last year, all of that changed when “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated Greg to win the promotion’s Unified Heavyweight Championship at the Herb Welch Wrestleplex. The 24-year-old wrestler who hails from Climax, Michigan, is not only known for his in-ring abilities, but also for the fact that he is always seen with a …continue reading
INTRODUCING SHEA SUMMERS Shea Summers might only be 19 years old, but the wrestler who bears the nickname of The Thunder Blonde is making a huge impact on the independent wrestling scene. Her black leather jacket and her edgy attitude is reminiscent from her days as a punk rocker, but they are serving her well as Shea leaves an impression on wrestling fans in the south-east region of the United States. “Showmanship has always been a part of me and I think that’s why I like wrestling. It gives me a stage where I can perform and there’s so much that goes into …continue reading
CW ANDERSON TALKS ECW Stars, thunderous bangs, and bright flashes of light are the details that describe a stormy night sky, but for wrestlers like CW Anderson, it might just sound like Extreme Championship Wrestling. The 47-year-old wrestler from Raleigh, North Carolina has been wrestling for 24 years, and when he walks through the curtain to the ring, he has wanted to prove only one thing. “That CW Anderson is the baddest man on the planet. I don’t care who you are in the crowd or who you are in the ring, you are not going to beat me,” CW Anderson said. “I tell …continue reading
“ALL THAT” ALAN STEEL If you lived in Memphis, Tennessee during the 70’s, 80’s, and the 90’s, there’s a good chance that you watched professional wrestling. For years, that region of the United States was a hotbed for the sport. Wrestlers like Jackie Fargo, Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel, Austin Idol, and Jimmy Valiant were the reason why the wrestling scene was on fire there. Pro wrestler “All That” Alan Steel remembers watching his favorite superstars in the ring that were such a big part of his life while he was growing up. On most Monday evenings, his father would take him to …continue reading

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