SMOTHERS SHARPENS IRON - If you’ve been a wrestling fan for the past 34 years, chances are you’ve have heard of or seen Tracy Smothers in action. Now living near Evansville, Indiana, the 54 year old wrestler still laces up his boots and steps into the ring for a match every chance he gets. “I don’t have to do this. It isn’t my job and I am not broke,” said Tracy Smothers. “I pass it on because it was passed on to me. It’s our business and it has to be handed down.” When the sport was handed down to Smothers, he was fortunate …continue reading
IT USED TO BE WORLD CLASS - James Beard may be one of the more recognized referee names in the sport of professional wrestling. He has worked for promotions such as World Class, USWA, Global Wrestling Federation, WWE, and with Super World Sports in Japan for seven years. To this day, he is still associated with the Cauliflower Alley Club and the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. He is still known to referee matches almost every weekend. Though wrestling has been a big part of his life, it wasn’t his first choice regarding his career path. In the early 80s, Beard was singing and playing keyboards in …continue reading
CLASH OF THE TITANS - Bodybuilder turned wrestler, Josh Lewis has been wrestling professionally only since 2015. In that short time, he has accomplished so much. On May 27th, Lewis defeated Rob Conway in Madison, Indiana to regain the NWA United States Championship, a title he lost to Conway just 15 days prior. This is the third time Lewis has held the belt and he is currently ranked number nine in the NWA ratings. I had a chance to talk to Lewis the day after his win. Q: What does it mean to you to be the NWA United States Champion? A: It means absolutely …continue reading
THEY WERE FANTASTIC - In the Southern region of the United States back in the 80s, there were a slew of tag teams that dominated their opponents inside the squared circle. They were The Sheepherders, The Rock n Roll Express, The Midnight Express, and The Fabulous Ones. When it came to Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers, they were known as the Fantastics and fantastic they were. "It was like magic, and we just clicked as a team. We had a strong work ethic," said Bobby Fulton. "It was just like a marriage in which you have two people where one excels, but we filled …continue reading
MEET THE NEW NWA WORLD JR. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION - Professional wrestler Mr. USA has been in the sport for the past eight years. On May 19th, he won the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title when he defeated Arrick Andrews by pin fall in their match in Franklin, Kentucky. Wrestleville had a chance to talk to Mr. USA about his big win, his opponent, and what he expects in the future. Q: What does it mean for you to be the new NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion? A: It means the world to me as far as the wrestling business is concerned. Everybody who ever laces up a pair of boots …continue reading

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